Welcome to viviD.

My name is Duncan McPherson.

I can produce:

Memorable, interesting, and professional quality music and sound design for your games, projects, and anything in between.

With more than 12 years of experience in indie and larger studios alike, I can supply excellent quality music for a competitive price.

You can use the top bar to browse completed projects, or get in contact with me.


Some examples of the kind of music I can create for your project.

You can access some of these tracks for listening through the sidebar, to your left.

Pushing Onward

Polymeric Souls (from SOUL)

To the Inner Sanctum (from SOUL)

Pages Upon Pages ~ The Librarium (from SOUL)

Keep Going!

Crystalline Ambience (from Glasscage)

The Dungeon (from Glasscage)

8 Bits of Fury (from Spellsword)

Fighting Dangerous Foes

Mad Mechanic ~ Boss Battle (from SOUL)

The Tracker ~ Boss Battle (from Pomoschnick)

Nightmare Heart ~ Last Boss (from Terra Noctis)

Chiptune Boss (from Chyptune)

The Mystery Deepens

Starlight Caverns (from SOUL)

Relaxing Around a Campire

Peace and Quiet

World Map (from Terra Noctis)

A Stillness Only Found In Waves

Comedic Relief

Delicious Pumpkins ~ Shop (from Terra Noctis)


My name’s Duncan McPherson.

I make music for your games, projects and everything else, and have been doing so for nearly 12 years.


If you wish to contact us about creating music for your project, please shoot us an email at music@vividsound.org, or use the contact form below.